Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hey guys I've moved to
Seeya there,
Nic ^^

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This is the first time making such a vivid nightmare and I'll try to write out as much details cos it feels kinda familiar for some weird reason. Might be a bit disjointed and illogical but that's how dreams work don't they?

I was being chased by a bunch of weird men at some shopping mall. So I ran and saw this little escalator leading up to another mall and headed towards that direction. Saw Michael there and he advised me to hide in the toilet first while he distract the guys. Then I continued running up the escalator until I reached a hotel. Oh did I mention I was with 2 other friends? Don't know where they popped out. So we asked the hotel manager where are we and he said we're in Indonesia!!!! D: Omg. Initially he was damn nice and told us that he would be opening up a room for us ( that room is the hostel room im in now wts ) for the night. So while lying on bed, I recalled from movies that this might just be a scam so I tried to convince my friends to leave but they're too stupid to heed my advice ( havn't really got to see their faces, should be a guy and a girl ). So the next morning, we're supposed to go to this place with them, but then suddenly a lady came and said she wanted me to go on a hiking trip :O So the hotel manager had to leave his assistant to handle with me. Then I hit the assistant's head with a big rock and ran away until I came to this toilet. The toilet was damn crowded ( looks like the one at the school hall ) and I ran to the last cubicle cos it was the biggest and suddenly there was a bunch of gangsters in it greeting me cos I was "their master". Maybe I look like their master, but I took the chance to tell them not to tell the bad guys ( hotel manager and gang ) if they see me. Then suddenly, the hotel manager and gang came into the toilet as well! Apparently they were having some drug deal or something. I managed to got out of the toilet and I came to the audi. The audi had loads of year 4s and suddenly someone saw me so they thought I was late or sth and gave me this remote control as punishment cos I was late. So I tried to sneak out from the audi and when I was at the library, I realised that the remote control was in my hands! Wanted to return it back (idek what I was thinking) Then I called my dad and told him my adventure and he believed me! Aww he's so understanding! He asked me to take a cab to his shop. So I wanted to hail a cab damn desperately but I had to return my remote control. Just nice I saw Jia Xuan and by the time I see him I'm like crying already and pleaded him to return back the remote control for me. He's damn nice to do that for me. Then I proceeded on to call my cab and then.. I woke up.

Gosh this is one of the few rare nightmares I have. I vaguely remember having one when I was young when it was halloween and zombies and clowns start chasing me until my back gate. Ever since, I was damn scared of clowns and small staircases.

And another one I think it was before PSLE, when my friends and I all turn into mice! And our village had a flood so everyone was running for their lives.

Why don't I remember happy dreams :( Nightmares are damn freaky and I was so damn happy when I realised that it was just a dream.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shopaholics on the move!

Hi again!
This time I'm back to blog about the shopping trip at Haji Lane and Scape I went together with Li Ting.
So at first, I saw a notice on facebook which says that The Candle Boutique is having their flea that day. Being aunties who loves LJ clothes, this flea was a must go. But it turns out the flea was next week LOL
(Sidetracking a bit, LJ stuffs are overpriced. Do not trust online blogshops! Bugis sells the same clothes at half the price FYI :P)
Here it is! The Candle Boutique is located at Bali Lane, somewhere in between Raffles Hospital and Golden Landmark. Haha, I had to walk around asking for directions while waiting for Liting to arrive. 

So although there wasn't a flea, the clothes were all selling at $19.90. And I thought it was kinda reasonable LOL. Plus Li Ting said this was the only dress that caught her eye in the shop and I trust her fashion sense so.. yeah ^^ Oh and when we were about to leave, the shopkeeper asked for our contact details cos she wants us to be models for some event. Liting said she heard golf LOL! Anyways, I'm not a photogenic person and camera shy, hehe, yeah shy :P
So after that we explored Haji Lane, and found out that loads of online blogshops have their retail outlets here! It's a heaven for teens but the items are like all 20+ onwards. Something like far east's pricing.
Here's me at Haji Lane LOL looks like a normal alley here and I dont know what im pointing to XP
And since we were there at 11+ when most of the shops open around 12+, the street was kinda empty. Later on there were loads of tourists~

Many more shops but I didn't take pictures of all of them~ the few shops here are all blog shops ^^ The shopkeepers are really nice hehe they dont follow you around like some creep and tell you the price of any item you touch. And even though we didn't buy anything from these shops, they will thank us LOL hehe lovely people ^^
I didn't manage to take pics inside cos I thought it was kinda rude. Some shops dont like us to take photos :/
Liting in her formal dress haha actually it's not formal its the necklace that makes a difference! 

And me, hi :)
continuing with more photos~ (staircases)

 What I love about these shops is that there's this homely and comfy feeling whenever I step into the shop haha, and I love their interior design although I didn't snap shots of it, sobz TT
Had our lunch at The Soup Spoon. This is my first time this year eating there LOL used to eat there cos they give us calorie table for each soup. I used to choose this pumpkin soup which has the lowest calories but it SUCKED. Gave up being healthy. So this time I recommended Li Ting the tomato one~ while I had Salad and an apple. (confirm not enough for me. ended up eating sushis later LOL)
Headed down to Scape for their flea and to catch a glance of qiu qiu~
I keep telling Li Ting that qiu qiu looks like some year 5 senior!!!
And there were loads of RVians there too and the place was mad packed with people. Hate crowded place that is not airconditioned >:(
Was not in the mood to shop anymore cos I got kinda angsty with the crowd and the heat so I kept my buys to minimal. Only bought these:
 This feather necklace is pretty! ^^ Bought it at $7.90. I'm those kind of people who doesn't wear much accessories. Don't wear bracelets often unless its from someone special or has a special meaning LOL. Don't wear rings either cos I usually play the violin so these accessories are more of a hindrance to me. And I have no earholes. ( dont laugh, I'm scared of pain ) So that means necklaces are the only accessory I'll wear. Love feathery accessories haha especially this one that matches my dress ^^
 Bought stitch and his girlfriend! ahhh loveeeeee <3 <3 <3 <3 and.. it comes in the capsules below! Its $3 for a pair. And hey its worth it cos.. its cute. Cute things are always worth it :) Hanged the pink one on my bag haha. Reminds me of my childhood when I put in a dollar and try my luck for something good. Always ending up having some weird boyish thing :/

Oh Haji Lane has this new studio that just opened today, together with a flea! Haiz, should have went today.. But nevermind, can always explore it during the holidays :)

Haha so after shopping, Li Ting and I were discussing if we should continue our journey with food :D yay!
So next stop will be Holland Village!

Hi guys!
Haha wow it's been months since I last blogged and yeah, I'm getting bored again so here comes the writing :)
Just a quick update,
EOYs are over for me already heh and the time now would be spent on Chinese and PEAs
Took my grade 5 violin exam already and now I'm preparing a bit for grade 6. Kinda happy cos after grade 5, most of my pieces are getting more exciting :) learning tango pieces, duet pieces and Vivaldi's pieces ( personally my fav ^^ )
Gotten my Baden Powell Award from Guides HQ ^^
And after a term of mad juggling of studies, violin and BPA, I'm glad to say that my results are relatively satisfying (3.7 without 5.0) cos honestly didn't expect myself to do well this term with the different committments

The school year is almost coming to an end already and Im planning on taking up a part time during the holidays with liting so as to gain work experience :)
Want to go back to cambodia this year but my mum refuses cos her superstition tells her that December is a month of disasters and calamities :(

Here's wishing all my juniors and my sis luck for their upcoming EOYs
My primary school mates and joey for their upcoming Os
And of course, those who have to take their As. :)
HUAT AH! Don't 丢脸 hor hahahahahahaa!!!

Might try to blog a bit more after various shopping trips with liting! ^^
Becoming a mad shopping addict although the current trend now really doesn't suit me. Oh well, a girl can never have too many clothes..right? ;)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shooting for the moon


Emcees for the night :)

Talentime haha and congrats marilyn once again ^^


The most awesome group of friends no amount of 11.11 wishes could give anyone :)

Taking a break from all the studying to blog. Wow, it's been almost 3 months since I've last blogged haha :P
Anyways, just an update of my life - I've stepped down from guides in June and now I'm currently waiting for ventures and cooking IDP to start. Which makes me reflect so much about my past three and a half years in guides and suddenly it feels uneasy to not be busy every tuesday and friday afternoon D:
But I'm still spending most of my time with guides and especially ting :) We've came up with this study schedule and we're going to stick to it till the end of years! Love those girls so much even the shortest meetup will already make my day ;) Nevertheless, I'm still looking forward to the first cca session of ventures and cooking IDP. How time flies..
On the other hand, I'm gonna take my violin exam at the end of this month and I hope I can cope with both violin, studies, ventures and cooking idp! Yeap I will! :)
And I hope someway, or somehow, the universe will reward me :P

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reality Check

The thing about expectations is most of the time, someone else sets them for you. Yet you feel like they've been there all along. And you can't wait to live up to them. But just because you know what's expected of you doesn't mean you still can't surprise everyone.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Haha, blog title inspired by BBJX.  :)  Finished reading the 上 part of the novel. Took me 1 whole week to read it cos I'm a bit slow with reading Chinese novels especially after HZGG. It was a damn good read, I mean, it really made me understand the drama better haha. Shall finish the 下 part asap too :)

Oh and I read the Hunger Games too. The book's kinda simple, easy to understand ( well, suit me ^^ )
Yeah but I din expect myself to finish the book that fast cos now I have to buy Catching Fire to continue my addiction for the trilogy.

Watched WICKED during the March holidays. Was an awesome musical, totally earned the high ratings. Still can't believe that the actors actually sang everything out. Always thought they will lip-sync.

The week's pretty relaxing since I've got the time to finish 2 books. Though I was still stressing out on Monday cos there was like so many things to handle. Got back some results, and I must say, I was pretty satisfied :)

Monday's a school holiday cos of the A level results. Although my parents din think it was that good. After all, my cousin topped the nation last year and everything has to be compared with her standard. But at least we have a day off :)